Thinking about applying to and commuting to Butler? First, make sure you’re eligible to do so.

Then, keep reading to hear from Huda Mahmood who’s double majoring in biology and chemistry. Since starting at Butler, she has lived with her family in Carmel, Indiana, and commuted about 25 minutes to campus each day.


What brought you to Butler?

The small class sizes. I went to a pretty big high school, but in a college setting, I like only having about 20 people per class. That gives you more time with your professors, which I cherish.

Why did you decide to commute from home?

The residence halls are beautiful, but I wanted to stay close to family. I love being able to go home and have my parents there. And since I already lived so close, I didn’t see a reason to stay on campus.

What does your day-to-day schedule look like?

I usually get to campus more than an hour before my classes start. I hate being late. If I have breaks between classes, I either go to Starbucks, sit outside, or study somewhere in Gallahue Hall. Sometimes I stay late to study or attend club meetings, so I’m usually on campus until about 6:00 PM. When I get home, I finish up any homework I didn’t get done during my time on campus.

At first, I was worried I would feel left out. But I’ve ended up spending a lot of time on campus for clubs (I’m president of the Biology Club and on the executive board for the Butler Muslim Student Association) and study sessions with friends.

What would you say to #ButlerBound students who are thinking about commuting?

It might take some time at first to feel like you’re truly a part of the campus community, but you are. And commuting isn’t as hard as it seems. I know I sometimes complain about the drive back and forth, but I always appreciate being able to come home every day.


Applying as a commuter:

After receiving your admission decision, you should fill out the “Commuter Request” form in the housing application. You can also contact your admission counselor if you have more questions about applying or commuting to Butler.