Intended Major
Philosophy and Psychology
Expected Grad Date
May 2019
Extracurricular Activities
CFV Scholar, Morton-Finney scholar, philosophy club
Owatonna, MN
High School
Owatonna Senior High School
Favorite Spot on Campus
Holcomb Gardens and the spot behind the bell tower


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Professor/Consultant/Gregg Popovich

What’s been your favorite course at Butler so far and why?

My favorite course has been my FYS course since it was a strong group that I knew for the entire course of my freshman year and even the fact that I got to know my professor so well. It just really showed me that philosophy is even more of an interesting topic than I thought and really gave me the confidence that I could study this in school and follow my academic passion. (it’s what made me wanna pick up the philosophy major)

What is it like to be a part of the Butler Community? Who is your Butler Community?

I was very nervous coming from MN that I would lose some of that awesome charm and ‘niceness’ but after being on campus for a while I have learned that the community vibe can take place anywhere as long as the people are great! It’s like being part of a big friend group which is amazing everyone is looking out for everyone else. My Butler community is every single person I have met on campus so far.

How will your Butler experience help you after graduation?

Hopefully by helping me land a job, and I have matured so much in school. Being away from home and staying busy with class and extra-curriculars have helped me mature so much as a person which I will take with me for the rest of my time.

What’s your favorite memory of your Butler experience, so far?

Playing Wiffle ball for an entire Saturday while listening to music and having a cookout later.

What were your primary factors in making your college decision?

Being far away from home, money, and a small campus near a big city. This school fit all the criteria and the fact that being on campus for the first time gave me butterflies in the stomach. (Fall is awesome.)

What makes you most proud to be a Bulldog?

The basketball team, and the fact that I was in the MN airport waiting for my flight back home then I ran into my friend, my FYS professor, and a butler alumn all on the same flight! we all bonded and chatted for the entire time and it was the best flight I have ever taken.

What does the Butler Way mean to you?

I don’t know what The Butler Way means.