Krystin Wiggs ’08
Integrated Communications major, Dance and News Editorial minor
Public Relations at IU Health and Realtor, Rev Committee Member

How did Butler prepare you for your career?
I currently work on the public relations team at IU Health and as a realtor on The Nottingham Team with @ properties. I am also a committee member for Rev, and formerly worked in public relations for Indianapolis 500 Champion Simon Pagunaud. When I was at Butler I studied dance and communications. I loved exploring both of those worlds that are so different from each other. I have carried that curiosity throughout my entire career.

What knowledge or skills gained at Butler have been most useful in your career?
I found my passion for storytelling at Butler! I gained confidence in my writing, which helped me land my first job after graduation at a newspaper in Arizona. It didn’t take long for me to realize public relations was the perfect spot for me to blend writing with my creative ideas. I spent nine years working for Indianapolis 500 Champion Simon Pagenaud, and I loved sharing the story of his personality off the track. 

What is the most important thing you learned at Butler?
Early on in my time at Butler, Anthony Rapp came to campus to speak to students in the Jordan College of the Arts about what life was like as a successful actor and singer. It was a small group, and I remember him sharing that when he entered every single audition, he kept in mind that no matter how badly he wanted or needed a part, the casting group also needed a person to fill their role. That armed him with the confidence he needed to keep nerves at bay and perform his best. That stuck with me, long after I stopped auditioning for ballet roles. For every single job interview, media pitch, home sale, whatever it might be, that is almost always floating around in the back of my mind. 

What is something you loved being part of at Butler?
I had so much fun participating in Greek Life as a member of Alpha Chi Omega! I originally started off exclusively as a Dance major at Butler, and I remember thinking it would be a shame to go to college and only get to know people in the Dance program. I ended up being so happy that I participated in recruitment and am thankful to still count those sisters as my friends today. 

Who influenced you most while a student?
To this day I clearly remember each adjunct professor I had in the Public Relations and Advertising program that gave me a real look at what my career might look like after Butler. As a student I think it can be intimidating to imagine jumping into your first job. I was so thankful to hear their ongoing experiences and what they looked for in applicants.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field?
I strongly suggest pursuing as many internships as you possibly can. Public relations is a vast field that can live in different industries like sports, healthcare, technology, you name it. Getting your feet wet in a few different areas while you’re at school will help direct your job search when you leave Butler.