Indianapolis-based brewery Scarlet Lane, the official Beer of Horror, has created a limited-time, exclusive pale ale to mark the upcoming performance BRUCE-O-RAMA, starring horror genre actor Bruce Campbell, at Clowes Memorial Hall on April 24. 

Bruce’s Groovy Brew is inspired by Campbell, who is best known for his role as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead horror franchise. Scarlet Lane officials say the brew is an “ash kicking pale ale with Meridian, Citra, and Horizon Hops.” The brew team used versatile hops that give this unique ale broad appeal and star qualities. 

“This project is the perfect encapsulation of three major parts of my life: brewing beer with a story, horror fandom, and my dear alma mater Butler University,” Eilise Lane CEO/Head Brewer for Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, said. “I am honored to represent beer, Bruce, and the Bulldogs!” 

“I’m really excited about this partnership,” Aaron Hurt, Vice President of Arts, Events, and Enterprise Management at Butler University, said. “Scarlet Lane is owned by Butler alumni and they have a very recognizable brand with fans of the horror genre. This is a perfect mashup between the Official Beer of Horror, and our upcoming performance with Bruce Campbell, a horror genre legend. Anytime we can partner with a local organization is a win and, in this case, it was an axe to the face!” 

Bruce’s Groovy Brew will be available for purchase during Campbell’s BRUCE-O-RAMA appearance April 24 at Clowes Memorial Hall. Campbell describes the performance as a “two-part evening of fun.” 

PART 1: PLAY A GAME! Hosted by Bruce, LAST FAN STANDING is not your father’s trivia contest. As the only interactive game show created exclusively for fans of pop culture, LAST FAN STANDING tests your knowledge about the things that really matter: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Superheroes, and Gaming. Everyone in the audience gets to play. Fans answering the most questions correct in the fastest amount of time will come up on stage with Bruce for the Final Face-Off, and one player will be crowned Last Fan Standing. Followed by a brief break for the crew to clear the stage and for fans to buy more stuff. 

PART 2: WATCH A GROOVY BRUCE MOVIE! Bruce will introduce Army of Darkness, a cult favorite in which he appears, and will answer audience questions before a screening of the film. It’s a lively half hour of anecdotes, insults, and random cash giveaways. 

Tickets are available at