Butler graduates should clutch their diploma with a sense of optimism because they are in America and they are educated, retired Indiana Supreme Court Justice Randall Shepard told the 138 graduates at the 2016 Winter Commencement on December 17 in Clowes Memorial Hall.

Supreme Court Justice Randall Shepard“The value of an education earned in 2016 at universities like Butler is more tangible than ever,” Shepard said. “Your decision and your family’s decision to persevere in education is the best possible launching pad for a successful career and a successful life.”

Shepard, the longest-serving chief justice in Indiana history, said that although the students are graduating at a moment of great national change, “In what other nation would you be positioned for a brighter future?”

“This nation has created more opportunity, more freedom, more economic security for more people from more walks of life than any society in the whole history of humankind,” he said, noting that investors and governments from Canada to Canton continue to support America.

President James M. Danko presented Shepard with an honorary doctorate. Trustee James P. White and his wife, Anna, also received honorary degrees.

The winter 2016 graduates are:

Ryan Akel, Business Administration
Emily Alaimo, Education Administration
Devon Bellamy, Risk Management and Insurance
Chelsea Boyce, Accounting
Kellie Brotherton, Education Administration
Emily Brumley, Psychology
Nathaniel Bubeck, Recording Industry Studies
Kelsey Burnett, International Business
Olivia Cabanban, Biology B.S.
Sarah Carney, English
Dennis Cho, Sociology
James Clark, Business Administration
Caitlyn Cole, Marketing
Allison Cotter, Chemistry B.S.
Daniel Cotter, Chemistry B.S.
Annette Coulombe, Business Administration
Olivia Cox, English
Andrew Cravens, Business Administration
Andrew Crecelius, Business Administration
Jared Curcio, Management Information Systems
Ryan Davis, Education Administration
Nicholas Decker, Business Administration
Michael Demos, Criminology
Anne-Marie DiBisceglie, Elementary Education
Carrie Dilley, Education Administration
Christopher Djonlich, Business Administration
Pamela Dobbin, Business Administration
Ian Dobek, Biology B.S.
Joshua Doty, Business Administration
Amanda Dusing, Elementary Education
Alan Eidelman, Accounting
Benjamin Ekhaus, Business Administration
Austin Engle, Chemistry B.S.
Eli Finkel, Physics B.S.
Craig Fisher, Professional Pharmacy
Victoria Fountain, Spanish
Holly Frantz, Marketing
Joshua Gallion, Business Administration
Matthew Gothard, Business Administration
Aaron Grady, Business Administration
Daniel Gryfinski, Finance
Kelsey Haas, Biology B.S.
Joseph Hackett, Biology B.S.
Jeremy Hawk, Business Administration
Samantha Haycox, Political Science
Luke Hodgin, Business Administration
Taylor Huntman, Risk Management and Insurance
Elizabeth Ingermann, Political Science
Allison Jaramillo, Business Administration
Patrick Jarrett, Business Administration
Flora Jones, Education Administration
Serina Kashimoto, Individualized Major
Stephen Kelley, Accounting
Christopher Kelsey, Actuarial Science
Ryan Kem, Management Information Systems
Nathaniel Kenny, Political Science
Elizabeth Knox, Music Conducting
Zachary LaRoche, Chemistry B.S.
Kyle Lang, Political Science
Kathryn Larimore, Psychology
Amber Lerman, Dance – Performance
Kelsey Livingston, Elementary Education
Kaley Lyons, Psychology
Johanna Mader, Creative Writing
Anthony Malito, Business Administration
Brooke Marshall, Management Information Systems
Jacey McCormick, Business Administration
Christopher McDonald, Computer Science B.S.
Claire McGuinness, Creative Writing
Rachel McKinzie, Finance
Philip McNealy, Creative Writing
Kailey Meadows, Professional Pharmacy
Cynthia Mellander, Mental Health Counselor
Megan Menapace, Chemistry B.S.
Amy Miller, Business Administration
Ethan Miller, Software Engineering
Patrick Miller, Business Administration
Vincent Mitchell, Sports Media
Kristin Mize, Creative Writing
Amber Moore, Education Administration
Brian Moore, Accounting
Benjamin Morrical, Political Science
Andrew Myers, Biology B.S.
Deanna Nibarger, Education Administration
Michael Nugent, Economics
Alessandra ORourke, Education Administration
Stephanie Oakland, Music Composition
Ryan Oliver, Education Administration
Mitchell Ostrowski, Finance
Alexis Pearcy, Finance
Kendall Perkins, Elementary Education
Emmaline Perrin, Education Administration
Trang Phung, Accounting
Makayla Pickett, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Nestor Porres, Digital Media Production
Jordan Ransone, Strategic Communication
Gregory Rearden, Interactive Media
Sanika Rege, Pharmaceutical Science
William Roche, Business Administration
Tyler Roell, Education Administration
Matthew Roth, Marketing
Eric Rupenthal, Biology B.S.
Kyra Sanford, Accounting
Sonna Schafer, Education Administration
Taylor Schroeder, Communication Science & Disorders
Chancey Seger, Computer Science B.S.
Jennifer Seidel, Business Administration
Amy Selby, Education Administration
Kacey Shriner, Spanish
Andrew Shrum, Business Administration
Jeri Smith, Chemistry B.S.
Michael Smith, Education Administration
Robyn Stratford, Science, Technology, & Society
Elizabeth Subrin, Chemistry B.S.
John Syljebeck, Education Administration
Cameron Taylor, Finance
Hannah Todd, Education Administration
Matthew Troja, History
Benjamin Trube, Computer Science B.S.
Emily Trygstad, Marketing
Samantha Turley, Music
Alexandra Van Hoof, Biology B.S.
Madeline Verbica, Biology B.S.
Joshua Villafuerte, Middle/Secondary Education
Harlan Vondersaar, Business Administration
Kerstin Wade, Business Administration
Fallon Watton, Criminology
Malcolm Weaver, Strategic Communication
Kristen Webb, Psychology
Lindsay Wey, Education Administration
Terri Whitcomb, Education Administration
Victor Wierzba, Accounting
Tanner Witsken, Finance
Joseph Workinger, English Writing
Julian Wyllie, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Kayla Yoder, Management Information Systems
Matthew Zider, Business Administration
Lucas Zimmerman, Finance


Media contact:
Marc Allan