Imagine being surrounded by people who can advise, coach, and challenge you to pursue your academic, personal, and professional goals. People who are always there for you no matter the detours or alternate routes you may take along the way. At Butler, mentorship extends beyond the classroom to the many student services and centers across campus. 

Heather Lee
Assistant Director, Center for Academic Success and Exploration

What resources does the Center for Academic Success and Exploration (CASE) offer to students?
We have a variety of resources for students such as the Exploratory Studies program, developmental advising, transitional advising, academic coaching, academic success workshops, coordinate study tables, and peer tutoring. 

How do you empower students and help them achieve their goals?
Most importantly we listen to the student to understand their story and where they are in their academic journey. Hearing their academic, personal, and professional goals is key to their overall well-being and success.

Tell us about the connections you’ve made with your students.
I believe the most important connection I can and have made with students is a trusting relationship. They know that I will make myself available when they need that support or when they just want to share a personal success. Being consistent and reliable is critical for student connection and I do my best to bring that everyday.  

What is the most rewarding part of working with and mentoring students?
I believe the most rewarding part of this work is knowing you have made a positive impact in a student’s life. When students email, visit, call after they graduate, and we keep that connection post-Butler, it’s very meaningful. I will say I also enjoy when my students still come to visit after they have declared their major and we get to “catch up.” That’s very rewarding as well.

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University?
Butler is a very special place where you find connection with faculty, staff, and students. We want our students to succeed, learn, be challenged, and grow while they are at Butler. The most important component to remember is when you need help or support, ask for it, because we are all here to support our students.