Any college can send out acceptance letters, but only Butler University is delivering its Big Envelopes by Doggy Express.

Trip gives his stamp of approval to the Class of 2019.
Trip gives his stamp of approval to the Class of 2019.


On Friday, December 19, at 5:00 p.m., every applicant who is accepted to Butler will get the news from the University’s beloved mascot, Trip, via email. A sneak preview can be seen here.

Not only that, but about 20 prospective students in the Chicago, the Gary area, and Indianapolis regions will receive a surprise visit from Trip and his handler, Director of External Relations Michael Kaltenmark, sometime December 16–19. They plan to stop at homes and schools to deliver the good news in person.

“Trip is ready to recruit some new pups to the Butler litter,” Kaltenmark said. “He’s excited to venture off campus to bring the good news early to a few lucky future Bulldogs.”

All told, Butler is sending out 4,700 acceptances to students who applied for early action decisions.

Students who applied for regular decision will get their news delivered in mid-February.



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