Damian Borić
Acting and International Business double major
St. Louis, Missouri

Where are you studying abroad, and why did you choose this destination?
I am studying abroad in France. My group and I started our first two weeks in Chillac, a rural French town in the countryside. Then we spent four days in the city of Bordeaux, and our final two weeks were spent in Paris. I chose this destination because this program combines two of my biggest passions: theatre and traveling.

What did you enjoy most about being abroad?
The experience of having this close group of people traveling together across a foreign country, all working towards the same goal of improving our skills as artists, was just so special to me. We worked with different professors from the Moscow Art Theatre School and the Jacques Lecoq School of Drama in acting, singing, and movement. Because of it, we all had the opportunity to grow as artists.

What have you discovered about yourself from your experience studying abroad?
Though I’ve traveled out of the country many times, this was my first experience away from my family. As our trip ends, I proudly realize I made it through a month in a foreign country I’ve never been to. As a traveler, I find comfort in knowing that I thrived and had a wonderful time traveling around France and traversing through cities alone.

What surprised you most about your experience studying abroad?
What surprised me the most was how much we could get done in just a month! In Chillac, we had 12 hours of intensive classes every day for around 11 days. In Bordeaux, we visited museums, took tours, and met with Theatre students from Bordeaux. After more classes and tours in Paris, we still had a week of free time. Group members and I organized a visit to the Eiffel Tower, found the best places to eat, and even took a day trip to Disneyland.

What advice would you give to Butler students who are considering studying abroad?
Even if you have the slightest urge or interest, go for it. Initially, because of the price, I would not attend this trip. After attending an informational meeting to review more details, I shared my interest in the program with the professor leading the trip, Elaina Artemiev. Little did I know that Professor Artemiev was working to get all students interested in the program a scholarship.