George Dalle-Molle
Finance, Risk Management and Insurance double major
Boulder, Colorado

Where are you studying abroad and why did you choose this destination?
Singapore. It’s such a thriving business economy that has such impressive urban development and city planning. Plus a very cool nightlife.

What do you enjoy most about being abroad?
I have enjoyed what comes with living in such a dense city. Traveling through the metro is super easy and can take you to anywhere from a small town coffee shop to a series of skyscrapers within a matter of minutes. It is nothing like I’ve seen near Indianapolis and is shockingly impressive. I’m having new experiences every day, and it seems as though people are very fascinated with me as they keep wanting to take photos with me.

What have you discovered about yourself from your study abroad experience?
I’ve become a lot more confident in myself as I have discovered that I can learn and adapt to different cultures very quickly. I was nervous about the culture change and how I would fit in. However, sometimes it isn’t about fitting in but rather being respectful of differences and acknowledging them with open arms. I have also discovered through my internship with InAsia Media doing financial analytics, that I have the ability to contribute a lot more to an office than I previously gave myself credit for. Each day I am learning lots and proving to be a valuable member of a team. 

What surprised you most about your study abroad experience?
What surprised me most was the cleanliness of Singapore. Every building is required to have a certain amount of plants and greens to make the country look as clean and elegant as possible. It’s astonishing.

What advice would you give to Butler students who are considering studying abroad? 
Go for it. I was very nervous and anxious to go abroad and had many doubts prior to my departure. However, Butler runs a very organized set of programs that can change your future and mindset forever.