Tatiana Pereda ’24
Biochemistry and Spanish majors, English minor
St. Paul, Minnesota

Where did you study abroad and why did you choose this destination?
I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I chose Buenos Aires because I wanted to go to South America to learn Spanish. I also wanted a city that had a good medical system with lots of hospitals. I also chose Buenos Aires for the more open-minded nature of the culture and the wonderful architecture and history of the city. 

What have you enjoyed most about being abroad?
Exploring the city and the country in general and being with my host mom. 

What have you discovered about yourself from your study abroad experience?
Exploring by yourself is awesome! Being open to doing new things by yourself gives you a lot more opportunities to have new experiences and meet new people. 

What surprised you most about your study abroad experience?
The kindness of the people in Buenos Aires, especially since they are known to be very proud and standoff-ish. They’re very willing to help and talk with others. Also, Buenos Aires has a culture that is people-oriented and less about work which is super nice because there is a lot more time to do things (aka eat a lot of awesome food). 

What advice would you give to Butler students who are considering studying abroad? 
In terms of study abroad, the options are almost endless. If you want to do something or go somewhere, you can! Don’t be afraid to ask the Center for Global Education for help or suggestions.