When I speak about the tremendous progress evident on Butler’s campus—whether in the context of improvements to our academic facilities, the new Fairview House, the beautification of Sunset Avenue, or the parking structure and its restaurants—I often comment that the real excitement lies not in the buildings themselves, but in what’s happening inside those buildings. Ideas are born, minds are awakened to new ideas, lifelong friendships begin, and future vocations become visible. Indeed, this is all true; but it’s not entirely accurate. In fact, a great many of the wonderful things which are integral to the Butler student experience happen outside the confines of our campus.

A Butler education occurs through a variety of methods, places, and people. Our students are traveling the globe, volunteering throughout our city, and discovering their own strengths through challenging academic experiences, themed learning communities, and advising partnerships with their professors. Our alumni and friends are mentoring Butler students, hiring them for internships and jobs, and contributing the funds our University needs to provide world-class learning resources now and in the coming years—including the new Andre B. Lacy School of Business, a renovated and expanded complex for the sciences, and another new residence hall. On campus and off, Butler students are truly moving forward—and doing so with a level of humility, community-mindedness, and commitment that can only be described as The Butler Way. I welcome you to share in this exciting momentum as you read this edition of Butler Magazine.


James M. Danko