Elizabeth ‘Elie’ Heile
PharmD major, English minor (emphasis in Creative Writing) 
Milan, Indiana 

What were some of your favorite memories as a Butler student? 
A favorite memory of mine is when I was walking by Star Fountain and saw that someone had collected cicada shells and outlined the entirety of the fountain with them. It was so random and funny! Another favorite memory of mine was attending Cartoonist Lynda Barry’s writing workshop. It was so fun and interactive—the theme was that you don’t have to be good at art to make art. The entire workshop was filled with shared laughs, silly drawings, and making new friends. I also quite enjoyed post-exam ‘depression’ croissants from Butler Brew. (they are very tasty and are just what is needed after a hard exam or a bad grade.)

What were the best parts about your major and/or your college? 
One of the best parts of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) is the camaraderie between students. I received a lot of support from fellow pharmacy students. We often would hold group study sessions or remind each other when projects were due. We would keep each other focused and remind each other to take breaks, have a snack, or, as pharmacy professor Dr. Kimberly Beck says, “take a wellness walk.” 

What professor and/or staff member played an important role during your time at Butler? 
Professor and Director of Experiential Education in COPHS Dr. Meghan Bodenberg helped me prepare for residency applications and interviews. She was kind enough to walk me through what to expect and what traits programs might look for in a prospective resident. She takes the time to receive feedback from students, proofread CVs, and is just there to talk—even though she has a very busy schedule. I appreciate the time she took to help me navigate these next steps.  

English Senior Lecturer Allessandra Lynch was the first to encourage me to keep writing even though my major didn’t have anything to do with it. She recognized my passion for writing and helped me tend to it with her kind words and great feedback. I would not have minored in English without her encouragement. 

What are your plans after graduation? 
I have been offered the opportunity to complete a pharmacy residency through the Indian Health Service (IHS) on White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. 

How did Butler prepare you for this next step? 
In addition to the rigorous academic requirements, the Pharmacy program prepared me for my next steps by numerous opportunities to hear from a wide variety of pharmacy professionals—from clinical, retail, specializations, to compounding. I was also exposed to a wide variety of clinical rotations in different areas and locations across the United States. This was beneficial in helping me decide what kind of work I was most interested in as well as reinforcing the clinical knowledge I had learned in classes. 

What are your long-term career goals? 
My long-term career goals have less to do with what I want to do and more to do with how I want to do it. My hope is to have a good working relationship with patients, providers, and coworkers and to be doing something that actually makes a difference in the community. 

What are you going to miss most about your time at Butler? 
I will miss Butler’s beautiful campus. There are so many good spots to hammock and relax. I will especially miss the patio behind the observatory. It’s a great secluded spot to study or to catch up with friends. 

What advice would you give a first-year student? 
The first would be to take classes outside of your major and get involved. A big regret of mine is that I let the demands of pharmacy school prevent me from being active in clubs or participating in other on-campus activities. If clubs or sports aren’t your thing, Butler has an amazing Visiting Writers Series and Woods Science Lecture Series. I recommend going even if you don’t know about the topic or haven’t read the author’s books. Butler’s Music and Dance departments have performances throughout the year that are so fun to watch (and oftentimes, free).