Quinn Shanahan 
International Business major, Mandarin Chinese minor
Cary, North Carolina
Co-curricular activities and/or internships: Vice President of the International Business Organization (Butler); Butler Women’s Cross-Country and Track and Field Teams (2021–2022); internships with Pappas Capital,  Foundation Healthcare, and SmarterMe

What were some of your favorite memories as a Butler student? 
My favorite memory was in Singapore during the Butler in Asia program. I went with a friend to the Marina Bay Sands rooftop lounge and witnessed a fantastic view of Singapore’s Central District. I got a semi-bird’s eye view of a populous innovation landscape and my first real perspective of what an international career would look/feel like. I wouldn’t have had such an individual opportunity without Butler’s network of resources. 

What were the best parts about your major and/or your college?
The Lacy School of Business has allowed me flexibility to identify my own niche in International Business. I’ve had the opportunity to intern with a venture capital firm, Pappas Capital, for almost two years while still conducting my studies; I was motivated to pursue a two-month “internship abroad” program in Singapore; I’ve been fortunate to connect with different student graduating classes in my capacity as Vice President of International Business Organization (IBO); and I had the time and support to complete a Mandarin Chinese minor and fully explore my professional interests in the Asia-Pacific. My International Business major far exceeded my expectations: I’ve met every performance milestone I could have projected for myself and more (including graduating in three years instead of four). In fact, my post-grad job will allow me to connect with multiple international firms with Asian supply chains, a perfect intersection of my studies and professional experience. 

What professor and/or staff member played an important role during your time at Butler? 
Professor Marleen McCormick-Pritchard has been an incredible mentor to me during my time at Butler. She is creative, supportive, and engaging, and my classes with her have only intensified my interest in the International Business field. I’ve also worked with Professor McCormick and Butler senior Scott Gin to revitalize the IBO; we’ve had some great executive speakers on-campus, and I’ve truly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate beyond the traditional classroom experience. Lacy Administrative Specialist Beth Falkenbach is also a great friend and one of the first people I met from Butler (even before attending campus). She was essential to my decision to apply to Butler, and our conversations over the past three years are near and dear to me. 

What are your plans after graduation? 
I will be joining Lacy Diversified Industries (LDI) in downtown Indianapolis as a Business Analyst. LDI’s founding family was responsible for the donation that culminated in the present-day Lacy building—a building that was a HUGE factor in my decision to move from North Carolina to Indiana to attend Butler. It feels very full circle.

How did Butler prepare you for this next step? 
My studies and internships during my time at Butler allowed me to develop my research and communication skills. Those skills differentiated me as a job candidate, and I’m excited to execute in my new role. I love learning, and this position will grant me access to a new wealth of knowledge across multiple industries. 

What are your long-term career goals? 
Long-term, I would like to start my own management consulting firm focused on globalizing start-ups. I want to spend some time working with Asia-Pacific start-ups—preferably mainland China (Shanghai or Beijing) or Hong Kong—and gain true, ground-level experience (and deploy my minor language skills). I want to gain experience in data analytics, working for a multinational enterprise or similarly globalized firm. I especially want to maximize my entrepreneurial tendencies to problem-solve, think critically, and innovate. 

What are you going to miss most about your time at Butler? 
I’ll miss informal meet-ups with friends and faculty mentors. It will certainly look different from my average university schedule, but I’m so looking forward to being in an in-person office. 

What advice would you give a first-year student? 
Trust your instincts. If you want to pursue an area of study, a new language, a club, or programming—go for it. It’s your best option for meeting new people and exploring your interests in a real, impactful way. It’ll also look very good on a resume if you do it right. Don’t be afraid to try those new things out.