Katie Pfaff ’19 is a senior studying Strategic Communication and Communication & Organizational Leadership. This semester she is an intern for Butler’s BU | BeWell program.

BUBeWell provides a platform for students to explore wellness within their collegiate experience. Each student is able to take a personal journey to discovering what areas they need support in to grow, learn, and be the best versions of themselves. The eight dimensions below take a holistic and transformative approach to obtaining overall wellness. This highlights a few of the many pieces that help foster the BUBeWell experience.

Mind & Body

Looking for an exciting way to enhance your physical health at Butler? Why not stop by the Health and Recreation Complex and attend one of the many fitness classes offered? Group fitness has a wide variety of activities ranging from cardio to meditation that can accommodate any student’s schedule. This is the ideal opportunity for a seasoned workout junkie or first-timer to explore and improve their personal health.

Career & Life Skills

College is a place for students to dive deep into the many different career paths available to them. Internship and Career Services develops students into young professionals by offering creative and innovative ways to help prepare them for the future. Students can get connected with the different Career Communities to learn more about certain industries and network with other peers/professionals who share similar interests. Conversations about future careers don’t have to happen alone; let Internship and Career Services guide students to many different resources available.

Intellectual Wellness

Learning isn’t something that is limited to just inside the classroom. Intellectual growth can be fostered through interactive experiences and the engagement of new ideas. Faculty and staff provide a valuable amount of insight and knowledge to students through academic advising. Students can take advantage of one-on-one mentorship that can provide clarity on ways to obtain academic success.

Diversity & Inclusion

Exposure to a variety of different backgrounds and experiences provides students with the ability to build appreciation and understanding for culture. Butler strives to cultivate resources to support one’s journey to discovering their own identity and how they differ from others. The Efroymson Diversity center is an open space and community for students to come together as they to share and discover. It houses a multitude of organizations and programming for individuals of all kinds. Stop by and see how you can get involved!

Environmental Wellness

The first steps in building a more sustainable world can start right here on campus. Whether you choose to be an advocate, educator, or protector of the environment, resources are available to assist you in that journey. The Center for Urban Ecology Farm provides students with a sustainable agriculture project located on campus. Get hands-on experience within the farm or take advantage of the many ways to support by visiting the on-site farm stand!

Service & Community

What better way to bring students and community members together than through acts of service? The Volunteer Center located on campus provides a starting point to conversations regarding service. However, students can take part in an even more unique experience through the alternative fall/spring break trips. Consider skipping a week of vacation and instead donating time to others. The most valuable part of all is the sense of community formed amongst those involved!

Meaning & Purpose

Butler provides students with a wide variety of resources in support of the ability to reflect on one’s values and beliefs. This exploration can be done through interaction with student-led organizations supported by the Center for Faith and Vocation. However, Butler has now recently established designated “Reflection, Meditation, and Prayer spaces” across campus. This serves as an open and quiet environment for all students in the heart of campus.

Social Wellness

Building connections and relationships with others is an important part of the student experience. Some students may find these interactions through traditional environments like classroom settings, residence halls, or athletic teams. Reaching outside traditional boundaries, the student government association provides dynamic programming to engage students in new ways. Each semester, late night programming is designed to provide a healthy environment for students to cultivate meaningful relationships together in a social atmosphere.

These are just eight examples of the many ways students can tap into discovering and fostering their inner wellness. BUBeWell is designed to be the bridge that closes the gaps in a student’s journey preventing them from living a balanced life. Butler provides students many robust opportunities to develop, both inside and outside of the classroom, through each of the eight dimensions of the BUBeWell model.