Haley Phemister ‘21
Arts Administration and Spanish double major
Event Coordinator, Butler Arts and Events Center

How did Butler prepare you for your career? 
I was able to study venue management both in the classroom and hands-on at the Butler Arts and  Events Center. Having multiple-sized theatres on campus allowed me to gain experience in many different aspects of a venue.  I realized how much I loved participating in live events and problem-solving as situations arose.

What skills or knowledge gained at Butler have been most useful in your career?
Problem-solving and time management. Working nights in a venue on top of classes and extracurriculars helped prepare me for busy show weeks and to face difficult challenges. You never know what could happen with events, and working as a student gave me a solid foundation  I could continue to develop throughout my career. 

What is the most important thing you learned at Butler? 
You don’t need to have the most experience to have a good idea.  As a student or new graduate, speaking up with new ideas can be intimidating, but be confident in your learning and experience and share.

Who influenced you the most while you were a student? 
I was very lucky to have an advisor who encouraged me to focus on what interested me and to experience as much as possible. I graduated with three minors across three colleges because my advisor prioritized what I wanted to learn and how courses could best fit into my graduation requirements. 

What advice do you have for students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field? 
Find what you love about the arts and prioritize bringing that into your career. I wanted to work in musical theatre, and in my position, I get to work these types of shows. But, I also can be involved in large-scale University events such as Homecoming and Commencement. I love being able to experience so many types of events and learn from all of them.