Andrea Hamann ՚08 and Brad Hamann ՚04 were both able to attend Butler thanks in part to the help of donor-funded student scholarships. Brad earned his Marketing degree from the Lacy School of Business and Andrea earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Years later, in reflecting on the impact of their Butler education, the couple decided to establish the Hamann Family Annual Scholarship to pay forward the gift they received and to help current Bulldogs in the Lacy School of Business fulfill their academic dreams. 

“I may not have attended Butler had it not been for the scholarships I was awarded,” Brad says. “The rising costs of a college education would have impacted my decision. What a blessing that Butler and its donors believed in me. While this is a debt I could never repay, I want to do my part to help provide opportunities to the next generation. Paying it forward and witnessing student success is incredibly rewarding.”

Grace Crane ʼ24 is the current recipient of the Hamanns’ annual scholarship. She is majoring in Marketing in the Lacy School of Business and is a member of the Butler Swimming team. Like many students at Butler, Grace’s financial aid package is made up of a combination of scholarships and aid from a variety of sources including individual donors like the Hamanns. Butler annually invests more than $93 million in student financial aid, and donor-funded scholarships are a crucial aspect of the University’s financial aid program.

“Receiving scholarships has been a game-changer during my time at Butler,” Grace says. “I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for the opportunities these scholarships have provided, allowing me to focus on my studies and personal growth without the constant worry of finances. It’s been a pivotal factor in my journey here, and I’m truly appreciative of the support.” 

In the spring of 2021, the Office of Advancement connected Grace with the Hamanns through a video chat, and an unexpected new friendship was born. 

“We had a great conversation and made such a fantastic connection that we met in person later that semester,” Andrea says. “We followed Grace’s progress with classes and swimming, and over the past two years have connected over meals, swim meets, and other Butler events. We truly believe this is just another lifelong friendship made possible by our mutual connection to Butler University.”

The Hamanns live near campus and have taken advantage of their proximity to be involved in their scholarship recipient’s Butler journey in a more personal way than they ever expected. Grace says the friendship is yet another example of the caring community she has experienced throughout her time at Butler.

“Getting to know the donors who generously funded my scholarship has been an incredibly meaningful experience,” Grace says. “Beyond the financial support, what stands out is the personal connection we’ve built, which I know will endure for a lifetime. Their generosity and belief in my education have had a profound and positive influence on my academic journey. The sense of community at Butler is truly remarkable.”

Andrea says getting to know Grace and following along with her Butler experience has reminded her of her own Butler experience and why she and Brad chose to invest in student scholarships in the first place.

“I want deserving students to be able to experience the same on-campus life I did: finding those life-long relationships, experiencing what it is to live with and among your peers during those formative years. Most importantly, I want them to be able to obtain the education that will fulfill their dreams.”

For Brad, becoming a scholarship donor felt like the natural next step in his relationship to Butler, and one he is eager to share with fellow alumni. He says investing in student scholarships is a win-win for alumni donors and the students who receive their support.

“Butler University has shaped our personal and professional lives,” Brad says. “For us, Butler is more than a University. It is a family that sticks together and continually shares in its growth. I am excited to hear more stories of how gifts from other alumni will strengthen their relationship with our alma mater. We are blessed to build a strong friendship with Grace, and we are very proud of her achievements. How special to be called upon to impact the next generation of leaders who will undoubtedly shape the future of Butler University.”

You can support student scholarships by making a gift to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship today at or by contacting the Office of Advancement at to learn more about how to establish your own named scholarship at Butler.