Hannah (Bagoly) Linder ’17
Marketing major
Lead Product Manager, The Walt Disney Company

How did Butler prepare you for your career?
Butler prepared me for my career by expressing the importance of experience through internships. In fact, I was told that my marketing internship at USA Football my senior year was the reason I stood out as a job candidate during my post-grad career search. I am forever grateful for the two internship requirements the Lacy School of Business offers because of the preparation it gave me for my future career.

What skills or knowledge gained at Butler have been most useful in your career?
Academics are important, but the foundational soft skills—communication, leadership—gained through participating in extracurriculars, clubs, jobs on campus, etc., immensely helped to set me up for success in the earlier years of my career.

What is the most important thing you learned at Butler?
One of the most important things I learned at Butler is the importance of building relationships. My job centers around satisfying stakeholders and driving a team of developers and graphic designers to accomplish goals that can grow our business. To do this I have to be seen as a leader and as a partner that is able to build and maintain relationships successfully.

Who influenced you the most while you were a student?
Professor Lisa Hines influenced me the most. I took several classes with Professor Hines and always appreciated her enthusiasm and support when it came to career building and networking. Also, my career advisor through the Lacy School, Ron Gress, always provided straightforward and realistic advice that I will always appreciate.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field?
Product Management has become an extremely competitive industry over the last five years, so if you want to be in the industry even the smallest of experiences can set you apart. Get an internship, shadow connections in the industry, and leverage the Butler Alumni community. I personally have done many meet and greets with students to just chat about day-to-day life in my job. Additionally, certification courses can help your resume get seen, so investigate taking one or more before you even start your job search.