Gabriela Gutierrez
Dance Arts Administration 
Panama (international student)

What’s the best thing about being a Bulldog?
The best thing about being a Bulldog is being part of a kind and supportive community consisting of peers, faculty, staff, and alumni. It’s inspiring to see what Butler students can accomplish with the help to reach our goals. 

What’s your favorite student activity?
My favorite student activities include fun themed activities open to all such as s’mores night and going to the HRC (Health Recreational Complex).

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on campus is a hidden gem in the Atherton Union building. It’s a small spot in between the dining hall floor and the top floor where you can study or read a book sitting by large windows. It’s very cozy and has a lovely view. 

Which faculty member has inspired you the most and why?
Every faculty member I have crossed paths with has taught me something valuable that has helped me grow, especially my dance professors: Marek Cholewa, Ramon Flowers, David Ingram, Susan McGuire, Cynthia Pratt, Derek Reid, Rosanna Ruffo, and Professor Brenda Johnston. They have each shown me and reminded me of my potential as a professional and how I can continue to grow and improve every day. The experiences each of these people have are things to aspire to, and they share their knowledge and understanding with kindness, respect, and enthusiasm for students to learn. They inspire me to continue working hard and doing my best to become the person and professional I want to be.

What do you want to do upon graduation?
Upon graduation, I want to dance in a company as a professional dancer. I hope to work in the administration side of that company to help it thrive in the arts world. I have a huge passion for dance and for the arts and I want to inspire others through that passion.