Butler University’s Clowes Hall ranks 117th worldwide, with more than $3.2 million in gross ticket revenue. The rankings were recently released this week by Pollstar, a company that provides data for the worldwide concert industry. This is the fourth consecutive year that Clowes Hall has cracked the Top 150 in Pollstar’s list of top-performing theatres.

Last year, Pollstar rankings had Clowes Hall at 94th. In 2020, Clowes Hall ranked 55th before the pandemic effectively ended live performances for the year. Clowes Hall ranked 139th in 2019, the first time the venue was listed in the Pollstar rankings. Pollstar rankings previously measured ticket sales as the determining factor for placement on the list.

“Clowes Hall had another great year, as confirmed by the Pollstar rankings,” Aaron Hurt, Vice President of Arts, Events, and Enterprise Management at Butler University, said. “Clowes Hall is a beautiful venue and, with every performance, our team strives to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations on every level. Four consecutive years on Pollstar’s list of top theatres worldwide affirms that our hard work is paying off.”

Some of the highest-attended shows at Clowes Hall over the past year include Nate Bargatze, Kathleen Madigan, Los Tigres del Norte, Letterkenny Live, Disney Princess Party, and Alton Brown.

“Whether you are a fan of live music, comedy, Broadway, or children’s-themed shows, we had something for everyone last year,” Hurt said. “Along with the other great venues in the area, we are proving that Indianapolis can support a variety of entertainment options, whether it be at theatres, clubs, arenas, or amphitheaters. This success will certainly result in more acts wanting to perform in the market.”

Clowes Hall shares the Indianapolis venue spotlight with Ruoff Music Center and Gainbridge Fieldhouse, the other two central Indiana venues ranked in Pollstar’s Top 200. Ruoff Music Center finished 2022 ninth among amphitheaters worldwide, and Gainbridge Fieldhouse is 34th on the list of top arenas.

For a complete list of shows scheduled for Clowes Hall and the rest of the Butler Arts & Events Center venues, please visit ButlerArtsCenter.org.