Live, learn, and intern in the nation’s capital. Through Butler’s Washington, DC Learning Semester, student’s complete internships with governmental offices and agencies while taking classes on foreign policy and the history and public art of Washington.

Millie Foley
Finance major
Martinsville, Indiana

Why did you want to participate in the Washington DC Learning Semester?
I have always had an interest in how the government works. In middle and high school, I had the opportunity to visit the Indiana Statehouse multiple times, which encouraged me to pursue this interest further. By participating in the Washington DC Learning Semester, I wanted to witness firsthand how federal government policies come to life. I also wanted to form relationships with professionals who could advise me on what a career in law and policy would look like.

Where are you interning and how does this internship relate to your major?
I am interning at Cornerstone Government Affairs, a bipartisan consulting firm specializing in federal and state government relations. Cornerstone does a combination of lobbying, public affairs work, and general consulting for businesses and organizations nationwide. As a policy intern, I can watch and learn how fiscal policy develops and how finance affects other policy areas.

One assignment I was recently tasked with was assembling biographies of Congress members so clients could easily know each representative’s agriculture priorities. Many projects at Cornerstone focus on my writing skills. Learning how to write concisely in my business courses at Butler has helped me succeed in my internship. I have also been interested in law school, and this opportunity confirmed my desire to pursue that path. I have been able to learn about the various areas of law from attorneys with non-traditional law backgrounds.

What’s the best thing about being a Bulldog?
The best thing about being a Bulldog is how you can tailor your education to your passions and interests. Many opportunities to get involved in organizations will make your educational experience unique. Also, you gain a supportive community when you become a Bulldog. The DC Alumni Board has reached out to all of the students currently in DC. Their members have offered so much support and recommendations on things to do in the city. Being a Bulldog does not stop after your four years at school. 

Which faculty member has inspired you the most and why? 
My career mentor, Michael Hasik, has inspired me the most. He has helped me develop my career goals and identify what I am looking for. He also encouraged me to do the Washington DC Learning Semester and helped me find places to apply when looking for an internship.

What do you want to do upon graduation? 
I’m still exploring various career options and gaining a better understanding of where my skills and interests align. I am considering attending law school after graduation.