Imagine being surrounded by people who can advise, coach, and challenge you to pursue your academic, personal, and professional goals. People who are always there for you no matter the detours or alternate routes you may take along the way. At Butler, mentorship extends beyond the classroom to the many student services and centers across campus. 

Christine Kiray
Associate Director, Counseling and Consultation Services

What resources does your department offer to students?
Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS) offers a great deal of resources to Butler students. All of our services (outside of medication management) are completely free. We offer both individual and group therapy, including interpersonal process groups, and support groups. For example, some support groups we have offered include a neurodivergent student support group, LGBTQIA+ student support group, student of color support group, trauma survivor support group, and grief and loss support group. In addition to individual and group therapy, we offer case management for students who are looking for a community provider. CCS is also proud to offer animal assisted therapy, in which we have two therapy dogs, Bella and Lilo. Finally, CCS offers medication management, outreach presentations on campus, crisis intervention services, and consultation appointments.

How do you empower students and help them achieve their goals?
When I think about how I help empower students, I believe it begins with creating space for them to understand their experiences and to feel accepted and understood. One of my main goals is to help students cultivate a sense of authenticity and meaning in their experiences. With this as the foundation, I always hope to create space to validate where they are and gain an understanding of ways in which they hope to grow. I feel it is important for students to find a balance between advocating for themselves and allowing space to be supported by others.

What is the most rewarding part of working with and mentoring students?
The most rewarding part about working with students is recognizing that I have played a role in their story. Whether it be a small or large impact, it is incredibly rewarding to feel that I have made a difference. It is wonderful to see students grow in their ability to heal, understand themselves, and connect with others. While my job can be difficult at times, working with Butler students and seeing them grow makes it completely worth it.

Jack Dougher 
International Business (with interdisciplinary work in International Studies)
Avon, Ohio 

How has Butler’s Counseling and Consultation Services encouraged you? 
Butler’s Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS) has completely shifted my perspective on the perception of therapy and mental health care. My therapist, Christine, encourages me to be my full authentic self while trying to juggle the struggles of being a college student. I would not be who I am today without the services that CCS has offered because it has been a spot for me to mitigate my stressors and reflect upon myself.  

How have the resources offered by Counseling and Consultation Services helped you succeed as a student?   
Every student should attend CCS services. It is such a great resource for students to compartmentalize their stressors alongside a caring professional. An hour of time can really help alleviate a lot of pressure. And for me personally, I feel good knowing that I have dedicated time for myself and my mental health. 

What advice would you give a prospective student who’s considering Butler University? 
Talk to current students. That is your best source of authentic information to decide what is best for yourself and your situation. Further, try to grasp a full understanding of the extensive resources that Butler offers, and see if those resources apply to you.