Major(s)/minor(s): Finance and Marketing double major
Graduation year: 2021
Employer name and title: Capitol Christian Music Group, Manager of National Promotion

What interested you in your declared major/minor? 
I was interested in marketing because of the creativity that it comes with. I also loved how pieces of marketing help you understand people and their decisions. I added a Finance major because I knew it would be beneficial in my personal life as I save and invest my own money. I also knew that if I understood how finance worked in a business sense—coupled with my ability to reach the consumer—I would be an asset to any company. 

What experiential-focused opportunities did you have with your declared major/minor?
The biggest experiential-focused opportunity I received with my declared major/minor was networking events. These events forced you as a college student to go up to potential employers and pitch yourself. Although it can be uncomfortable, knowing how to communicate in that setting helped me engage with people I was interested in connecting with professionally.

What do you do in your current position and how did Butler prepare you for it?
I currently work at a record label called Capitol Christian Music Group, the parent company is Capitol Records/Universal Music Group. My current role as a National Promotion Manager is focused on radio relationships. I oversee 30 radio stations in the northeast region of the United States. I also manage a roster of 10 artists and write/execute their marketing and promotional plans for singles that go to radio stations. Butler prepared me by developing an environment where I could be creative and encouraged me that no dream was too big. Flexing creative muscles is so crucial in college because it allows you to execute ideas after graduation. Because of my Butler education, I felt prepared for my role today.  

What are your long-term career goals?
My long-term career goals are centered on growing in the industry I am currently in. I hope to one day be a VP or executive at a Christian record label managing a team focused on national promotion, commercial partnerships, marketing, or A&R.

What advice would you give a first-year student as you reflect back on your experience at  Butler? 
The biggest piece of advice I would give a first-year student is to take advantage of networking and be curious. Ask questions and be genuine about wanting to learn. That alone will take you far!