Full name: Jen Candiano (Barton)
Major(s)/minor(s): Health Sciences, Chemistry and Healthcare and Business (minors)
Graduation year: 2021
Employer name and title: Harvard School of Dental Medicine (grad student)

What interested you in your declared major/minor? 
I knew going into college that I wanted to pursue dentistry. Knowing this I wanted to have a firm understanding of health sciences and our healthcare system. 

What experiential-focused opportunities did you have with your declared major/minor?
I was able to go on a medical mission trip every year over spring break to the Dominican Republic with a team of Butler Students through the Christian Healthcare Providers Organization. This not only opened my worldview to see healthcare in a new setting, but shaped my character and values. 

What do you do in your current position and how did Butler prepare you for it?
I am currently a dental student at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. I have been really impressed with how Butler has prepared me for the last year of graduate school. I spent the last year of classes fully integrated into Harvard’s medical school, which was very intimidating at first. I am happy to say that I was just as prepared as my Ivy league classmates and was able to excel academically. I’m thankful for my professors at Butler who really challenged me. I am thankful for the research opportunity I had at Butler working in the biochemistry department for two years. Learning opportunities outside of the classroom set me up for success and helped make me a well-rounded student.

What are your long-term career goals?
After dental school, I hope to continue my education with a residency in oral surgery. I will then serve in the United States Navy as an oral surgeon for at least four years. From there I may stay in the Navy or move back to Indianapolis where I might open a private practice. 

What advice would you give a first-year student as you reflect back on your experience at  Butler? 
I would tell a first-year student to have some sort of plan and goals, but to also enjoy the best parts of college like staying up late with friends and going on random adventures, as these are the experiences that will keep you laughing for years to come.