The Blue Crew student-creator team is a social media ambassador program that aims to feature an up-front look at Butler student life straight from the student’s point of view. 

Micah Horne
Strategic Communication: Public Relations & Advertising major, Education minor
Midland, Michigan

What’s the best thing about being a Bulldog?
The best thing about being a Bulldog are the opportunities here. If you have an interest, Butler will help you indulge in it. You just have to be ready to take the leap. Second, the small class sizes. I love being able to form a personal connection with my professors.

What’s your favorite student activity?
My favorite student activity is the drag show held in October. I attended the show during my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Butler does not seem like the place to host a drag show, but they do, and it’s genuinely amazing.

What’s your favorite spot on campus? 
My favorite spot on campus is Holcomb Gardens. I enjoy the koi pond and walking along the canal. Anywhere that’s almost entirely surrounded by nature. Butler’s campus and the city of Indianapolis are filled with awesome greenspaces.

Which faculty member has inspired you the most and why? 
The professors in the College of Communication care a lot about your success and your goals. Dr. Carter, who is relatively new to Butler, made me realize my love for the research area of strategic communication. Professor Pellerano gave me the space to sharpen my favorite skill: creativity. Dr. Levenshus helped me get out of my comfort zone. Professor Scott Bridge and my advisor, Rob Norris, consistently believe in me and my side projects. Professor Stevenson-Holmes makes even the most entry-level communicators feel like they are global advertising experts. It’s like having your own little family of hype people.

What do you want to do upon graduation? 
Once I graduate, I’m returning to my home state to do a two-year fellowship for entrepreneurs. The fellowship first puts you through a training camp. Then, you interview various startups in 13 cities to choose where you’ll spend the next two years. They have plenty of professional development opportunities throughout the fellowship as well. In my career, I want to focus on helping small, community-facing brands promote themselves. Many brands doing good in the community can’t get to that next level without a proper way to position themselves. I want to be the person to help get them to that next level.

Why were you interested in the ambassador program?
I’m interested in the ambassador program because I wasn’t enjoying myself or getting involved at the beginning of my time at Butler. It made me want to transfer. However, I stuck it out and started getting involved. I am really happy with my decision to go here. There are many opportunities to make this place feel like home. I want to influence future Bulldogs to get involved from the start so they can capitalize on all the resources and opportunities Butler has to offer.

What kind of content are you most excited to make?
I am excited to make a video about underrated things on Butler’s campus. Many resources are overlooked, from career services, mental health resources, and summer programs to the various alliances and organizations. I would also like to make content to clear up misconceptions or dispel myths you may hear on campus.