Name: Megan Mishler
Hometown: Brownsburg, IN
Intended Major: Arts Administration

Butler University is excited to welcome an exceptional group of transfer students this coming fall. Read on to get to know incoming transfer student Megan Mishler.

Why are you transferring to Butler University?
I am transferring to Butler University for multiple reasons. The main reason is because Butler offers the Arts Administration major. This major perfectly pairs with what I would like to do as a career. I am very passionate about curatorial work as well as creating my own small business as a glass artist. Butler provides a major that focuses on aspects that will help me greatly when it comes to my passions. I also am getting married this summer and Butler is much closer to where we will be living, so that plays a large part as well.

How did you initially hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
I have heard about Butler for a long time. Growing up in Indiana you hear about Butler often, however it did not cross my radar until my internship with Newfields during the summer of 2019. While interning at Newfields, I had the opportunity to work closely with many other interns, many of which were students at Butler, and had amazing things to say about the University. I looked into it and found the perfect program for me.

If you’ve visited Butler, when did you first visit?
The first time I had visited Butler’s campus I had already applied and was anxiously waiting to get my acceptance letter. It was a guided tour hosted by Butler. When visiting, I fell in love with the campus. I enjoyed how it feels like a big university while maintaining the small community.

What is your favorite part about Butler so far?
My favorite thing about Butler so far is the community. It seems like a very close knit school and I feel very optimistic that I will make friends and find a place of belonging.

What do you hope to get involved with or be a part of at Butler?
I hope to get involved with any sort of student lead art opportunities. I really enjoyed leading Art Night at my previous university, and I really hope that if there is a program like that then I may join it. If there is not, then I hope to create new opportunities for student artists to display their work on campus.

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited about being in a smaller art program where I get to know my peers and my professors. I am also very excited to have a major and course of study that feels tailored to me. I feel very optimistic that my studies at Butler will aid my job opportunities once I graduate.