Name: Chas Hall
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Intended Major: Computer Science

Butler University is excited to welcome an exceptional group of first-year students this coming fall. Read on to get to know Chas Hall, one member of the Class of 2025. 

What were you involved with during high school? 
In high school, I was really involved in the band program at Carroll High School. I played in the drumline all four years and was also the drumline section leader for the last two years. 

What interested you in Butler?  
Butler first came on my radar back in 2010 when my cousin enrolled. While I wasn’t able to visit my cousin, it always seemed like an interesting and fun place based on what he told me. Then, when I was able to come visit in high school, I was able to get a feel for campus myself and immediately felt like I was at home. 

What is your favorite part about Butler? 
I love how small the campus is and how easy it will be to get to know everyone better. So far, everyone I’ve met has been so helpful in answering my questions and making sure I get the best experience possible, which makes me really excited to come to campus in the fall. 

What do you hope to get involved with on campus? 
I’d like to get involved with intramural sports like basketball and euchre. I’m sure I’ll find more to get involved with once I’m on campus, too. 

What are you most excited about? 
I’m most excited about meeting new friends and making new memories while being on my own for the first time in my life.