Name: Jacob DuBrava
Hometown: Fulshear, TX
Major/Minor: Health Sciences

Butler University is excited to welcome a group of bright first-year students this coming fall. Learn more about Jacob DuBrava and why he chose Butler.

What were you involved with during high school? Please provide a few details about your involvement.

  • Earth Club – we planted trees, worked with local long-term care homes to help with their gardens, and participated in beach clean-up in Galveston
  • Comedy Sportz – This is a student improv competition against other local high schools.  We performed in teams and used the audience to help us with ideas and concepts.
  • Theatre – I both performed and worked in the production of several school plays.
  • Volunteering – I spent the majority of my free time in high school volunteering.  I worked with MesaOutreach on Saturdays to help organize and distribute food to those in the community who were in need.  I also spent my summers volunteering at Hannah & Friends as a camp counselor.  The mission of Hannah & Friends is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs.  I helped adults and adolescents with mental and physical challenges with summer camp activities. And most recently I volunteered with The Brookwood Community to help their residents train for Bike to the Beach. Brookwood is also a community that serves those who face physical and mental challenges. Brookwood is the first community to have residents ride in the national fundraiser.  I raised money for their team and helped the riders train to ride the 6 and 12-mile course.

How did you first hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
I first learned about Butler through my mom.  My parents lived in Indianapolis when I was born and she worked in Human Resources. As soon as we were first-year students in high school, we would visit the campus. I liked the size of the school and the accessibility to professors. Then when we went back in our junior year, we saw the new construction of the science building and learned more about the strengths of the COPHS program.  It is a beautiful campus and every person we have ever come in contact with has been incredibly welcoming.  I am a very anxious person by nature, so for me, Butler feels like the perfect place to start my next chapter where I feel like I can be myself and also have the support I need.

What is your favorite part about Butler?
The success and notoriety of the COPHS program.  They have an incredible placement rate and the fact that all the classes are taught by professors, and not graduate students like many other schools, is incredibly appealing. 

Why did you ultimately decide to choose Butler?
Three pieces helped make my decision.  First, I was awarded a generous merit scholarship and offered a place in the Honors Program.  My brother and I are both going to school at the same time, so having the extra funds to help with tuition is a wonderful gift.  Two, the highly recognized and successful COPHS program coupled with academic advisors who will help me reach the next step after Butler. And three, the size of the school.  I am not someone who does well on campuses that have thousands and thousands of students.  At Butler, I will have access to resources, research, professors, advisors, etc. without fighting thousands of other students.  Again, I believe there will be a new family for me to be a part of, who wants me to succeed and will be there if things become difficult to encourage me or guide me through my journey. 

What do you hope to get involved with or be a part of at Butler?
Definitely some clubs and social aspects.  COVID has restricted a lot of high school social opportunities.  I really want to take advantage of the BCR events.  I often look at the calendar now to see who is coming and what is performing.  I also hope to continue my volunteer work in some capacity.  

What are you most excited about?
Starting something new and fresh.  Again, COVID has been mentally difficult for everyone.  I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to go to college, received a generous scholarship, and been accepted into the COPHS program.  It is a clean slate.  I am very excited about creating new friendships. I believe this will be just as valuable to me as earning the degree.  I need the next four years to help me figure out who I am and where I want to go. I believe Butler, its student body, and the academic and administrative members will genuinely want to see me succeed and accept me for who I am.