Name: Matthew DuBrava
Hometown:  Fulshear, TX
Major/Minor:  Health Sciences

Butler University is excited to welcome a group of bright first-year students this coming fall. Learn more about Matthew DuBrava and why he chose Butler.

What were you involved with during high school? Please provide a few details about your involvement.

My activities during high school included:

  • Volunteering as a Summer Camp Counselor at Hannah and Friends – Led and implemented summer camp programs for adults and children with mental and physical challenges
  • Food Bank Volunteer at MESA Outreach & Houston Food Bank – Aided families in need by sorting food, repacking dry food into family-sized bags, directing traffic, and loading food into cars
  • Chess Club – competed in chess competitions with classmates
  • Stand-up improv performer in ComedySportz – Competed in a fast-paced, improvisational comedy team competition against area high schools
  • Actor and Producer for school plays – Performed in schools plays, built sets, and acquired costumes for fall and spring performances

How did you first hear about Butler and what interested you in the University?
My mother – she worked at Butler for a few years.  My grandparents also live in northern Indiana, so when we came to visit for the summer, my mom made sure during high school we would visit the campus to learn about what it had to offer.  Even during COVID, we managed to arrange a summer visit.  Each visit we learned more, but I also learned more about myself over the four years of high school and what I really needed from a school and I just kept coming back to Butler.

Also, of course – basketball!   I was born and lived my first 8 years in the midwest and everyone knows about Butler basketball!

What is your favorite part about Butler?
Butler’s faculty teach all the classes, and the faculty-student ratio fits my academic needs. The ratio is important to me because it means I have direct access to my professors and can build intimate relationships with them. I prefer a smaller, more personal class setting to ask questions, create meaningful relationships, and receive advice as I progress toward my career goal. I also know the transition to college is not always easy. Having faculty that are approachable and understanding helps make this transition better. I know the professors at Butler want to help their students inside and outside of the classroom.

Why did you ultimately decide to choose Butler?
My mother’s various health issues ignited my strong desire to care for others. I have naturally found myself wanting to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant to treat patients in my community. During my campus visit, I learned that Butler graduates are at an advantage when it comes to the admission process for the Physician Assistant program. Up to 60% of each class will be students who earned Butler degrees when they begin in the PA program. I want to be in that 60% of students. As a  Health Science student, Butler will help me achieve my career goal by allowing me to conduct research, create intimate relationships with faculty, and participate in the Pre-Health Advising program.

What do you hope to get involved with or be a part of at Butler?
Joining the clubs and finding a professor to do research with are two of the most important parts to me.   I definitely want to make friends and establish relationships with people.  COVID has been a lonely time during high school and I am excited that I can join something …. anything …. and have that personal interaction.   I also want to do research.  Again, COVID put a damper on any kind of lab work and I really need to improve my lab skills. Being able to do research with a professor will not only improve my skills but will help my career/next step.  

What are you most excited about?
Making friends and discovering who I am and what I want to do with my life.   College is more than just getting a degree; it is about trying and failing, listening and observing, experimenting and taking chances, putting myself out there and learning from others.   I know I keep repeating myself, but COVID was mentally and socially difficult, and I even feel guilty writing that because I know that we have so many blessings that others do not.  However, I really want to make friends and learn from them.   I am pretty sure I want to be a Physician Assistant, but maybe I will learn something else about myself and turn down another path.   I am just excited to be starting with a fresh slate with so many opportunities within my reach, with no one judging, and only supporting me as I figure out who I am meant to be.