Devan Bhatia
Intended Major: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Shaker Heights, Ohio

What were you involved in during high school?
During my time at Shaker Heights High School, I was involved in lots of things. I was a student at the Innovative Center for Personalized Learning (IC). The IC allows students to build an individualized curriculum to align with their interests and goals, and it gave me the opportunity to incorporate an internship as part of my school experience and teacher-scheduled learning paths, such as entrepreneurship programming. 

I was also involved in Shakers’ Student Group on Race Relations. It is a nationally recognized student-led program that teaches respect and mutual understanding of racial, religious, and cultural differences to build community in the school district. This is where my passion for diversity, equity and inclusion work was fostered. I also play the bass guitar in my band, Foulmouth.

 How did you first hear about Butler?
I first heard about Butler when I began my college search and when my mom sent me an article about Randall Ojeda heading the Efroymson Diversity Center. Because of this, I became very interested in Butler’s diversity programming.

Why did you choose Butler?
I chose Butler because it felt like a perfectly balanced plate. I can continue my passion for diversity work through the Morton-Finney Diversity Scholars Program, which was the biggest factor. I will also enjoy a beautiful campus that is outside a top-rated city and is a hub for internships, connections, and activities. And meeting with the Dean of the Lacy School of Business, Craig Caldwell, enthused me to study my passion for improving the corporate world.

What do you hope to get involved with on campus?
I hope to get involved in many organizations on campus to meet others and form connections. I am very interested in golf and other sports, so anything relating to that will be great for me. I also look forward to meeting everyone who is in the Morton-Finney Diversity Scholars Program.

 What are you looking forward to most while being a student at Butler?
I’m looking forward to being in a new city and a new environment. I haven’t spent much time in Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana. I know there are tons of history, restaurants, and sights to see nearby. I’m a big foodie, so I can’t wait to find my new favorite dishes in the local area and on campus. My roommates and I will be getting out to the city as much as we can.