Hibba Mahmood
Intended Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Carmel, Indiana

What were you involved in during high school?
I participated in a wide variety of clubs to ensure my well-roundedness. The Muslim Student Alliance and Arab Student Association gave me opportunities to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, broadening my understanding and appreciation for different worldviews. Additionally, I held the role of Report and Editor in my school newspaper, HiLite, which helped me cultivate skills in management, journalism, and time management, all of which have been invaluable in my academic career.

 How did you first hear about Butler?
My older sister attended Butler University, pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry. I visited the campus numerous times because of this, and with each visit, I found myself increasingly captivated by the tight knit community, small class sizes, and by the campus itself. Moreover, several family friends of ours are also Butler alumni, which meant I grew up hearing about the University, its commendable academic reputation, and how much of those who attended enjoyed it.

Why did you choose Butler?
I was deeply impressed by the vibrant and welcoming environment that Butler had to offer. My experiences and connections to Butler have made me grow an appreciation for this University, and it’s always held a special place in my heart. At its core, what truly draws me to Butler is the tight-knit community, intimate class setting, and focused academic mentorship. I have no doubt that if I ever find myself in need of academic support, I can easily ask for help; it’s comforting to know that professors have the capacity to provide the same amount of attention to all their students given the small student to faculty ratio.

What do you hope to get involved with on campus?
I anticipate continuing my involvement in diverse clubs, but also joining extracurriculars which relate to my future career path. Additionally, I plan to step outside of my comfort zone and explore leisurely clubs that provide me with practical knowledge and a chance to unwind, as well as opportunities for me to expand my social network and meet new people!

 What are you looking forward to most while being a student at Butler?
 I am looking forward to meeting new people and having a change of environment; a lot of my friends are going to Butler as well so I’m excited for all of us to be here together. As a student, I’m excited to start my college career and professional life. Go Dawgs!