Patrick Doorhy
Intended Majors: Theater and Marketing
Mokena, Illinois

What were you involved in during high school?
I was involved primarily in theater throughout high school. My school had three shows per year and I participated in every show in some way; whether that meant stage crew or actually being on stage. I also participated in multiple vocal programs including choir, madrigals, and vocal jazz. 

 How did you first hear about Butler?
 I first heard about Butler when my sister, who is a few years older than me, visited Butler. I also heard of Butler because my parents attended Marquette and my sister is currently at Xavier, so the Big East has been part of my life for a long time.

Why did you choose Butler?
I chose Butler because of their outstanding arts program and the people at Butler are more my speed compared to other schools. Butler’s people have been very welcoming to me and are very proud of their school.

What do you hope to get involved with on campus?
I hope to be involved in the theater programs on campus and possibly fraternity life. Otherwise, I hope to find some more laid back programs and clubs when I arrive in the fall.

 What are you looking forward to most while being a student at Butler?
I am looking forward to meeting new people and finding new freedoms at Butler. I am especially excited for the basketball games and learning about a new city.