Sarah Lugo
Intended Major: Psychology
Pico Rivera, California

What were you involved in during high school?
Whilst in high school, I participated in the academic decathlon competition for two years; one year I was team captain. I won a total of 14 medals across various subjects including art, literature, essay, speech, and interview. I also played golf for my school’s team for three years and one of those years I was the team captain. And I co-founded my school robotics program because there wasn’t an actual curriculum for robotics.

 How did you first hear about Butler?
I initially heard about Butler through a friend who is a resident of Indiana and committed to the University last year. He was very excited, and it sparked an interest in me, which led me to do more research. I read and heard so many great things about Butler and I became intrigued. When college application season came, I was certain that I was going to apply with the hopes of one day becoming a Bulldog.

Why did you choose Butler?
I never felt like any of the colleges in California could be my home. I couldn’t see myself thriving in the same area that I had been for the entirety of my life. When I got accepted to Butler, I was super excited. All the mail and emails I received were so personalized and it made everything more exciting. All the staff, including my counselor, were nice and helpful. I heard so many great things about residential life. Butler was my opportunity to get away and experience something new while still feeling like I was at home.

What do you hope to get involved with on campus?
Right now, I am looking forward to being a part of the Pre-Medical Society at Butler as I think it will be really helpful to be around a community of students who are pursuing the same rigorous academic track that I am. Being a first-generation college student who wants to become a psychiatrist, it’s easy for me to be scared of what’s to come. However, being part of a community will take away some of the nerves and give me people to relate to. I was also very happy to hear that Butler has an Esports Park since video games have been a very important factor in my life. I’ve been playing them since I was young and they were a way for me to connect with my older brother. Since I more than likely cannot bring my custom built PC on the plane with me, it’s very nice to know that there’s an area where I can still do the things I love.

 What are you looking forward to most while being a student at Butler?
I am looking forward to getting a change of scenery and experiencing something new. I cannot wait to explore Indianapolis. I cannot wait to make new friends. I cannot wait to learn about new traditions and culture. I intend to get the most out of my time, not just academically, but socially as well. I look forward to building something that I can be proud of. But most of all, I look forward to laying a foundation that sets me up for success. I look forward to making my family proud. I know that Butler will push me to accomplish my dreams.