Cody Estep ’24
Jordan College of the Arts
Major: Arts Administration–Theatre
Hometown: Brighton, CO

When beginning his initial college search, Cody Estep thought he wanted a specialized theatre program. But, after discovering Butler University, he realized that the University and its Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) could provide him with a more holistic education, which would give him the opportunity to learn from and participate in multiple disciplines.

On top of having the ability to learn from the many facets of theatre­–and take classes in other areas such as music and dance–Estep said he couldn’t find any other Arts Administration programs that rose to the level of Butler’s program.

Butler’s Arts Administration program was founded in the late 1970s, making it one of the oldest and most well-established undergraduate programs in the nation. Arts Administration students learn the fundamentals of all the work that goes into making a performance a reality—fundraising, advocacy, accounting, marketing, and event planning are just some of the many cross-functional courses that students take.

In addition to the strength of the Arts Administration program, Estep is also impressed by the caliber of the performance spaces within JCA.

“The theatres are extremely well-equipped, especially for teaching. We’re able to use all the equipment, we go up and down in the lifts, we touch all of the lights and the technical boards that control the lights, sound, and curtains. All of this equipment is open to students, which is really unique,” Estep says.

Experiential opportunities don’t start and end on just the stage. Estep has completed internships across Indianapolis and gotten experience working Clowes Hall and the Schrott Center for the Arts, which are located on Butler’s campus.

“JCA is so unique. It allows you to expand outside of the College and work down your own path, even while you’re still in college.”

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