Isa Sanchez ’24
Lacy School of Business
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Chicago, IL

When asked her favorite course that she’s taken at Butler University thus far, Isa Sanchez did not hesitate when she said the Real Business Experience. This course, a requirement for all Lacy School of Business (LSB) students, empowers students to form teams, create an idea, apply for funding, and start and run their own businesses, all with the help of an experienced team of faculty and professional mentors. Once students develop a business idea and create a plan, they then apply to receive up to $200 in funding, which helps start the business.

Sanchez credits this class with providing her with real-world business experience right off the bat—something she says students at a lot of other Universities may not get.

“Going into internship interviews and job interviews, I have that chance to say, ‘Well, I did start a small business from the ground up and it was really successful, and this is how much we made.’ It definitely gives me a leg up against competitors,” Sanchez says.

Not only did this experience allow her to enhance her Marketing skills by managing her business’ website and social media accounts, but she also gained valuable experience working in a team environment.

“LSB does a really great job of emphasizing that team environment, even within the building structure. You look around and you see all these classrooms that are team oriented. Learning to work in that environment where you collaborate with other students is very beneficial as well.”

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