Sports Tech HQ, a nonprofit organization formed in Indiana in June 2022 through a partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, will become a third partner with Butler University’s Esports Park.

The purpose of Sports Tech HQ is to cultivate a sports tech ecosystem that inspires and facilitates innovation while building Indiana’s brand as a sports tech destination of choice.

Sports Tech HQ’s presence at Butler’s Esports Park will include coworking space and collaboration on furthering the development of an elite talent pipeline for the sports tech sector.

“Butler University Esports Park is a fine example of the sports and technology worlds colliding in a state-of-the-art facility,” said Jeffrey Hintz, Executive Director of Sports Tech HQ. “We are pleased to partner with Butler University in their efforts to drive sports technology innovation and investment into our state’s economy.”

“Butler University is thrilled to welcome Sports Tech HQ to our Esports Park,” Eric Kammeyer, Director of Esports and Gaming Technology at Butler University, said, “Sports Tech HQ is uniting global sports and technology firms, and our partnership is certain to bring partners to campus and the city that will benefit Butler University, our emerging esports program and, most importantly, our students.”

Sports Tech HQ joins Challonge and Beastcoast as partners acting within Butler’s Esports Park.