Residential College (ResCo), room D125, welcomed me to Butler University in the fall of my first year. I didn’t know what to expect from the upcoming year, but after meeting my roommate, introducing myself to some of the people in my wing, and exploring the building, it was easy to tell that ResCo was going to be the perfect fit for me.

The layout and unique amenities ResCo offered were everything I needed from a first-year residence hall experience. I especially benefited from the cafeteria right down the hall and the bathroom that I only shared with my three other suitemates. ResCo is the only first-year residence on campus that has such an accessible food option, with a dining hall right in the building. 

Additionally, ResCo’s dining hall is open until midnight, perfect for a snack during a late-night study session. When the winter days were particularly cold, I was so grateful for the opportunity to walk down the hall for lunch instead of walking across campus. Plus, my roommate and I agree that sharing a bathroom with just two other people was the perfect arrangement. It gave us the privacy of our own space with the shared responsibility of cleaning and restocking. 

A shared bathroom and dining hall are certainly appreciated, but the most rewarding aspect of living in ResCo is its welcoming atmosphere and friendly community. You can walk down any hall and hear music streaming from open doors. People frequently gather in the second-floor study space and in little groups around the dining hall. The open layout of the upstairs area was perfect for someone who prefers background noise while they work with their friends. My favorite memory tied to this space is the Halloween party thrown by our Resident Assistants—complete with decorations, treats, and a costume contest (which my roommate, dressed as a ceiling fan, won). 

Through the night and into the wee hours of the morning, people can be found in the dining area working or chatting with friends. It was so comforting to know that I always had that space to get things done or grab a bite to eat. Speaking from my own experience, it is the perfect spot to write a paper at 2:00 AM or host an Intramural Pool Volleyball banquet. 

I can confidently say that I loved my time in ResCo. But don’t just take my word for it: I interviewed my first-year roommate, Keya Fowler, and had the opportunity to hear her perspective of her time living in ResCo.

If you were to pitch ResCo to a potential student, what would you say?
“I think the biggest benefit is the community aspect. Especially at the beginning of the year, you would walk down the hall and a majority of the doors were open. You could always meet new people. I also really liked the FIRs [Faculty In Residence] who lived in ResCo. Dr. Leatherman (the FIR on our floor) hosted some great events that we were able to go to. He also helped us get tickets to The Nutcracker and a musical off campus. 

There were also a lot of nice study spots upstairs, tables where you could do your homework or hang out with people. Within each wing of each floor, there was a community area with couches and tables. It was a good spot to hang out with other people in your wing or invite people from other wings.”

What is your favorite food in ResCo?
“I love the West Coast Burger. One of the cooks there started calling me ‘West Coast’ because I ordered it so many times. All of the workers there are so friendly. The soda machines were also a great spot to grab something to drink really quickly.”

Where was your favorite place to hang out in ResCo?
“I really enjoyed hanging out in the community areas to do work. The dining room area was a good spot because you would see people that you knew as they passed by. I also really liked hanging out in our room because we had a lot of fun stuff.”

How would you describe the community in ResCo?
“I would say that the community is very friendly. Our Resident Assistants and FIRs would host fun events, and a lot of people would go to them. I saw our FIR this past year on campus, and he recognized me! He said that next time it is safe to host an event, he will invite us. He also makes great lemonade. 

Overall, the environment is so warm and welcoming.”

Keya, I couldn’t agree more.

Grace Gordon is a junior at Butler University, where she majors in Strategic Communication and minors in Creative Writing and Creative Media and Entertainment.