Applying for college can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Wondering what you can do to make your application to Butler stand out from all the rest?   

Outside of making sure you’ve successfully completed and submitted your application, these five easy steps will help you demonstrate meaningful interest throughout the admission process to the schools you choose to consider.

  1. Get to Know your Admission Counselor

Your admission counselor is your ultimate advocate. It is our job to help guide you through the college search and application process, but to also answer any tricky questions you may have and help you feel confident in your decision. Many admission counselors would agree that their favorite part of the job is building relationships with prospective students—so don’t hesitate to reach out. Use this tool to find your admission counselor. 

  1. Visit and Ask Thoughtful Questions

Visiting schools you are interested in not only helps you decide if you want to attend the school, but demonstrates your interest as well. Demonstrated interest is important to many schools as it shows that you are highly considering the university and helps you stand out among the many applicants. You can show your interest by visiting campus, attending a high school visit or college fair, or even attending a virtual event right at home. Don’t forget to ask questions before, after, or during your visit. Want to visit Butler? Explore the variety of on-campus and virtual visits we have available.

  1. Do your Research

Admission staff members are happy to answer any questions you have, but we appreciate when we can tell a student has done their research. Don’t forget to take advantage of our website that is full of useful information! Admission websites will point you in the right direction to find information you are looking for such as visit options, available majors, and much more. 

  1. Apply Early

Another way to show your interest in a school is to submit an application by November 1, the Early Action deadline. The Early Action deadline is non-binding and allows you to apply to multiple colleges and universities. At Butler, Early Action applicants receive the best consideration for admission and scholarships. Applying early will also give you more time to make a decision on where you’ll attend once you receive admission decisions and financial aid notifications from the schools you’re considering. You will want the additional time to think through academics, social life, and finances.

  1. Proofread

This means proofreading your application, essay, and the emails that you send to your admission counselor and other contacts at the university. Communicating in a professional manner goes a long way. Make sure to address the individual you’re emailing with, check spelling, and write in a formal tone. Remember, this isn’t a text message!