Originally from Lakewood, Ohio, Tristan Rumsey ’24 is graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in statistics and minors in Business Administration and Data Science. During his time at Butler, Tristan has been the recipient of student scholarships made possible by donor gifts to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship. Consider making a gift to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship today to make Butler stories like Tristan’s a possibility for future Bulldogs.

What made you choose Butler?

I chose Butler because it balanced my academic and social needs. Butler’s small class sizes gave me the ability to get close to my professors, both professionally and personally. I feel comfortable being myself in class, including asking lots of questions and being actively engaged in discourse. In addition to this comfort, Butler’s campus has a myriad of fun activities to get involved in, numerous athletic teams, and has a great location, right next to downtown Indianapolis for any off-campus adventures. The balance of these opportunities made Butler the best fit for me, and I haven’t looked back since.

How has receiving scholarships impacted your time at Butler?

Receiving scholarships at Butler was a key reason that I was able to attend the school. I am lucky to be leaving Butler with significantly less student loan debt than I may have had. In addition to my merit scholarship, I proudly received a scholarship as a part of the Morton-Finney Diversity Scholar Program, as well as several scholarships awarded during the outbreak of COVID-19. Without these scholarships, I likely would not have been able to afford the great education that I have received and gain the college experience that I have found at Butler.

What has your academic experience at Butler been like so far?

My academic experience at Butler has been overwhelmingly positive. I feel that I have close relationships with my professors, especially those in the math department. They are fantastic teachers, who care deeply about their subject as well as all their students. I have enjoyed taking classes from many different professors, who provide a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, and have given me valuable perspective for when I enter the industry after graduation. I am excited to maintain a relationship with my professors after graduating—an opportunity that exists because of Butler’s focus on undergraduate teaching.

What would you like to say to donors who support academic scholarships at Butler?

I would give donors a thank you! The students on campus, including myself, are very appreciative of their support in creating scholarship opportunities for us. Without them, it may be significantly more difficult for students to receive the aid they need and deserve to attend college. I am appreciative of the effort of the donors, for being a significant part of my college journey and allowing me to experience all that Butler has to offer.

Any other thoughts/comments you’d like to share about your Butler experience?

As I prepare to graduate, I have been reflecting on my time here at Butler. When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to eventually graduate college with no regrets. Thankfully, Butler has given me the opportunity to have none. I have been able to accomplish most of my academic and professional goals in college, while having a blast along the way. I’m very grateful for the Butler community—students, professors, and alumni alike—that has been inclusive, welcoming, and inspirational. I am excited to take my next steps, knowing that Butler will always be a second home.