Name: Owen Beute
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Intended Major: Environmental Studies

Butler University is excited to welcome an exceptional group of first-year students this coming fall. Read on to get to know Owen Beute, one member of the Class of 2025. 

What were you involved with during high school? 
In high school, I managed the girls’ basketball team and played men’s volleyball and tennis. In addition, I was the secretary and president of our high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. I also volunteered at our local library and at a local food bank in town. 

What initially interested you in Butler? 
I first discovered Butler when I answered some questions about my college preferences in the U.S. News and World Report website for colleges, and Butler showed up as a match based on what I had selected. As I did more research, I loved that Butler is a smaller school, but provides experiences—like athletics—that you usually only find at larger schools. Butler also had the programs that I was interested in and it looked like a great fit based on the curriculum. Overall, I just knew that Butler was a great, welcoming place that was the perfect size for me. 

What’s your favorite part about Butler? 
Is it possible to say everything?! I would say my favorite aspect about Butler is the community. Everyone I have interacted with has gone out of their way to be kind and inclusive. I see Butler’s small community as a great environment to live in, study in, and meet other people for four years, more so than any other college I looked into attending. 

Why did you choose Butler? 
I took my second trip to Butler over my fall break in October 2020 before my admission decision had been released. I was lucky enough to meet with professors and program directors, take private tours with current students, and meet Butler Blue IV while I was there. Walking around campus and talking with my parents, I just felt like Butler was the perfect place for me, and while I was visiting, I knew I would commit if I was accepted, which happened just a few days after I got home. 

What do you hope to get involved with? 
I will be part of the Honors Program, but other than that, I would love to do some intramural sports, find some clubs I am passionate about, and even become a tour guide one day! 

What are you most excited about? 
I’m most excited to meet new people. I want to develop great relationships with my peers and professors, and I’m excited to see all the internship and job opportunities I can go for in Indianapolis!